Companies under Liquidation in Indore Region

Indore Region has 35 Companies under Liquidation.

The below list of companies which are under liquidation is an extract of only Public Limited companies in MP – Indore Region, a more exhaustive list containing the list of companies outside MP -Indore Region also including Private Limited companies is available on the website of  The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, I have restricted the list as we deal only with the Public Limited companies on this Website.

It is pertinent to note that the said list is updated only till 2008, apparently the Ministry is not in business thereafter. You will also notice that  considerable time has elapsed from the date of Liquidation of some of these companies but hardly any company has disbursed the Liquidation proceeds to the shareholders till date.

To counter this situation,  shareholders are requested to file application under RTI Act before the Ministry or the Official  liquidator and obtained a detailed account of the disbursement of the Liquidation proceeds. Any shareholder holding shares of any such Company/Companies can file an application under RTI asking for the  details of the liquidation proceeds of the company in which he is holding the shares. The procedure for filling an application under RTI Act is available on The Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

I would appreciate if all the investors will do the same and also share the outcome which can be published  on this Website.

Sr.No. Name of the company/ Petition No. Date of Winding Up order & Appointment of Liquidator Dates of taking possession of the books and assets of the Company. Date of prosecution under Section 454 (5A). Date of order for sale of assets by the Court.
1 Al-Fahad Fincom Ltd. C P No. 11/2005 17/10/2006 Possession of the assets/properties which is situated at different places from 14/02/2007 to 21/04/2008 Orders are pending.
2 Al-Fahad Investments Ltd. Company C P No. 13/03. 17/10/2006 Possession of the assets which is situated at different places from 14/02/2007 to 21/04/2008 Orders are pending.
3 Alpine Biotech Ltd. C P No.3/2003 09/05/2003 On 27/01/2004 On 26/07/2004 On 05/02/2007(But not confirmed by the Court.)
4 AVON Transformers Ltd. C.P. No. 12/2002. 14/02/2008 07/02/2008
5 Binod Mills Co. Ltd. C.P. No.12/92 5/01/96 and final winidng up on 20/11/98 On 25/05/96 On 13/04/99 and confirmed the sale of Plant and Macninery,Vehicles etc. on
5/07/2002(Thereafter various orders was given for sell of assets/properties of the company some are still pending for taking sell order from the Hon’ble High Court.
7. BetaNaphthol  Ltd. C.P. No. 26/02 22/01/2003 On 12/03/2003 of Maxi Property and On 25/03/2003 On 25/07/2003 and 14/03/2005Maxi Unit)
8. Bhopal Paper and Boards Ltd. C.P.16/99 28/04/2008 On 09/06/2008 Orders are pending.
9. Bharat Commerce and Industries Ltd. C P No. 12/04. 11/07/2005 On  7/10/2005 of Nagda and on 1415/10/2005 of Rajpura (Punjab) On24/03/2006 Orders are pending.
10. Bharat Food India Ltd. CP No.19/97 14/02/2008 Assets/properties of the company have been sold by MPSIDC. Hence, possession could  not be taken. Report in this regard is being filed before the Hon’ble HighCourt.
11 Colulmbia Electronics Ltd. Co. Pet.No. 5/95 15/05/2008 On 14/08/2008 Orders are pending.
12 Dhar Cements Ltd. C.P. No. 17/02. 8/08/2003 On 24/09/2003 Orders are pending.
13 Decora Tubes Ltd. CP No 5/04 11/07/2005 On 09/09/2005 23/01/2006(But orders are pending for confirmation of sale.)
14 FleurPharmac eutique Ltd. CP No. 9/97. 11/11/2005 Not taken since, the property is not belong to the company Orders are pending.
15 G.M.Mittal Stainless Steels Ltd. C P No. 14/95 26/02/2004 On 08/07/2004 2/11/2006 On 4/03/2005(for            confirmation of sale orders are pending.)
16  Gilt pack Ltd. C P No. 3/2007 7/03/2008 On 24/05/2008 Orders are pending.
17 Hukumchand Mills Ltd. CP No. 19/2001 22/01/2003 On 3/07/2002 On 21/03/2003 and confirm the same on17/07/2003 and thereafter various orders has been passed by the Hon’ble High Court of M.P. Indore Bench with regard to the various properties of the company viz. Plant and Machinery, Factory Building etc. and some assets are still pending for sale.
18 H.K.Plantation and Orchards Ltd. C P No. 10/2000 17/10/2000 28/01/2002
19 Hamilton Shoes Ltd. CP No.1/2003 26/09/2007 On  27/11/2007 Orders are pending.
20 Indravati Paper Mills Ltd. CP No.  7/94 08/07/96 Possession was not taken, since, the registerd office of the company is on rent and there is no factory is in existence.
21 Jiwajeerao Sugar Company Ltd.
C P No.25/2001
31/01/2003 On 15/07/2002 On 4/09/2006
22 JiyajeeraoCotton Mills Ltd. CP No.4/97. 4/05/98 On 16/07/98 9/10/98.
23 Kalyan Solvant Extraction Ltd. CP No 12/95. 07/03/2003 6/06/2000 6/08/2002 10/01/2003
24 Kedia Distilleries Ltd.C P No.  9/96 27/01/2004 On 01/03/2004 6/05/05
25 Maheshwari Proteins Ltd. C P No. 2/2001 30/01/2003 On 08/03/2003 On 25/07/2003 and sale confirmed on4/01/2005.
26 MalanpurLeathers Ltd.CP No 3/2001 18/07/2007 On 01/11/2007 On 2/07/2008(Confirmation orders are pending.)
27 M.P.Electricals Ltd. C P No.1/2002 27/08/2003 On 5/04/2005 Orders are pending.
28 M.P. Uni MagnaTech.Ltd CP No.24/98 09/08/2007 On 24/09/07
29 M.P.Viduyt Yantra Ltd.CP No.3/95 28/03/2007 30/06/2007
30 Navlakha Hoserires Ltd. C P No. 5/81 07/08/1961 On 27/10/1980 On 12/07/1985
31 Ratlam Electro Magnetic Ltd. C P No.26/2000 22/08/2005 On 4/10/2005 On 05/05/2008(Confirmation orders are pending.)
32 RajkumrMills Ltd. C P No. 1/2006. 7/03/2008 On 13/05/2008 Orders are pending.
33 Shri Ishar Agro Ltd.C P No. 19/2002 08/08/2003 On 02/09/2003 On27/04/2005 and 28/04/2005  On 01/04/2005 and confirmed on5/08/2008
34 SUL India Ltd. C P No. 3/2001 11/03/2003 On 24/03/2003 On 24/06/2003 and confirmed on 11/09/2003.
35 Tri Star Soya Products Ltd. C P No. 11/2003 14/09/2004 Possession of the property is with ICICI Bank prior to winding up order. Hon’ble High Court has directed to get the assets/properties of the company vide its order dated 5/10/04.
Deemed Conveyance & Redevelopment of Old Buildings and Slums

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PHYSICAL SHARES, DELISTED SHARES, Untraded, Unlisted, Non-Traded, Unquoted, Suspended, Illiquid, Junk Stocks, Shares - This blog provideds you a plotform to BUY/SELL such Shares.

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