Book Closure Dates and Dividend Paid By Companies for Financial Year 2012-2013

List  Of  Companies with Dates for  Book Closers  and Amount of Dividend for the Financial Year  2012-13.

Book Closures – List of Book Closures and dates.
Company Name
Start Date End Date Agenda
20 Microns 23-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(10%)Dividend  (BC dates has been revised)
A.K.Capital Ser 14-Aug-13 17-Aug-13 Rs.6  per
Aamcol Tools 26-Aug-13 05-Sep-13
Aarti Drugs 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Final Dividend
Aban Offshore 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13 Rs.3.6 per share(180%)Dividend
Abirami Finance 29-Aug-13 06-Sep-13
Accel Frontline 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Accel Transmati 05-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Acrow India 19-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Action Const 19-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.0.2 per share(10%)Dividend
Adani Enterpris 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1.4 per share(140%)Dividend
Adani Ports 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Adani Power 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
ADC India Comm 03-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
ADF Foods 20-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
AdityaBirlaNuvo 31-Aug-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.6.5 per share(65%)Dividend
Advance Meter 29-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Advani Hotels 22-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Aegis Logistics 20-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.2.25 per share(22.5%)Final Dividend
Aekta 29-Jul-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Final Dividend
Agro Tech Foods 18-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Ahmedabad St 17-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
AI Champdany 01-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
AIA Engineering 03-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(2%)Dividend
Ajanta Pharma 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.6.25 per share(125%)Dividend (Revised)
Aksh Optifibre 29-Jul-13 03-Aug-13
Akzo Nobel 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.20  per share(2%)Dividend & Rs.60  per share(6%)Special Dividend
Albert David 02-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.4.5 per share(45%)Dividend
Alembic 30-Aug-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.0.2 per share(10%)Dividend
Alembic Pharma 31-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(125%)Dividend
Alfa Transforme 01-Aug-13 09-Aug-13
Alfred Herbert 16-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Alkali Metals 25-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Alkyl Amines 31-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Allcargo 06-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Dividend
ALLSEC Tech 07-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Alpa Laboratori 02-Aug-13 06-Aug-13
Alpha Hi-Tech 08-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
ALSTOM India 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.10  per share(1%)Dividend
Amara Raja Batt 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.2.52 per share(252%)Dividend
Ambitious Plast 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Amit Securities 08-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Amrit Corp 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Anna Finance Lt 20-Sep-13 21-Sep-13
Ansal Buildwell 18-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Ansal Housing 18-Sep-13 24-Sep-13 Rs.0.8 per share(8%)Dividend
Anugraha Jewel 23-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Anuh Pharma 29-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.6  per share(120%)Dividend
AP Paper Mills 23-Jul-13 06-Aug-13
Apar Ind 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.5.25 per share(52.5%)Final Dividend
Aplab 07-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Apollo Hospital 27-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.5.5 per share(110%)Dividend
Apollo Tyres 22-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Final Dividend
Apt Packagings 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Arco Leasing Lt 20-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Arex Industries 27-Aug-13 29-Aug-13 Rs.0.9 per share(9%)Final Dividend
Arihant Avenues 05-Aug-13 07-Aug-13
Aro Granite 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Arora Fibres 13-Sep-13 21-Sep-13
Arrow Coated 23-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.75 per share(7.5%)Dividend
Arshiya Intl 27-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 (Revised)
Artech Power 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Arvind 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.1.65 per share(16.5%)Dividend
Arvind Remedies 03-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.8 per share (8%) Dividend & Rs.0.2 per share(2%)Special Dividend
Asahi Fibres 14-Aug-13 17-Aug-13
Asahi India 09-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 BC dates stands cancelled/withdrawn
Ashiana Agro 25-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Ashiana Ispat 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Ashika Credit 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Ashirwad Steel 16-Sep-13 23-Sep-13
AshirwadCapital 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Dividend
Asian Electroni 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Asian Granito I 12-Aug-13 19-Aug-13
Asian Hotel (E) 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.4.5 per share(45%)Dividend
Assambrook 21-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Assoc Rubber 30-Aug-13 05-Sep-13 Rs.40  per share(40%)Dividend
Assoc Stone 16-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.1.25 per share(25%)Dividend
Astral Poly Tec 25-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(15%)Final Dividend
AstraZeneca 11-Aug-13 20-Aug-13
Asutosh Enterpr 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
AurangabadPaper 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Auro Labs 01-Aug-13 05-Aug-13
Aurobindo Pharm 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Final Dividend
Ausom Enterp 17-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
Austin Eng 16-Sep-13 23-Sep-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Avantel 24-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Avanti Feeds 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.6.5 per share(65%)Dividend
AVT Natural 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.0.75 per share(75%)Final Dividend
Axis Capital 24-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(7.5%)Final Dividend
AXIS IT&T 01-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Axtel Industrie 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
B and A 17-Aug-13 27-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Final Dividend
Bafna Pharma 21-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Final Dividend
Bajaj Corp 27-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Bajaj Electric 31-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Dividend
Bal Pharma 16-Sep-13 18-Sep-13 Rs.0.75 per share(7.5%)Dividend
Balaji Telefilm 25-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.2 per share(10%)Dividend & Rs.0.2 per share(10%)Special Dividend
Balrampur Chini 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Bannariamman 31-Aug-13 05-Sep-13 Rs.12.5 per share(125%)Dividend
Basant Agro Tec 04-Sep-13 07-Sep-13 Rs.0.08 per share(8%)Dividend
BASF 24-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Batliboi 29-Jul-13 06-Aug-13
BCB Finance 14-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.0.25 per share(2.5%)Final Dividend
Beardsell 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Dividend of Re. 1/- per equity share(10%).
Bemco Hydraulic 15-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Benares Hotels 06-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.20  per share(2%)Dividend
Bengal & Assam 16-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Bengal Tea 27-Jul-13 03-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Bentley Commerc 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
Berger Paints 19-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.1.8 per share(90%)Dividend
Best Eastern Ho 20-Aug-13 22-Aug-13
Bhageria Dyeche 27-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.0.8 per share(8%)Dividend
Bhagiradh Chem 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Bhansali Eng 14-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Final Dividend
Bharat Agri 06-Aug-13 16-Aug-13
Bharat Forge 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.2.4 per share(120%)Final Dividend
Bharat Gears 27-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.1.8 per share(18%)Final Dividend
Bharat Seats 24-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.8 per share(40%)Dividend
BHEL 11-Sep-13 20-Sep-13 Rs.3.29 per share(164.5%)Final Dividend
Bihar Sponge 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Biocon 13-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.5  per share(1%)Final Dividend
Bisil Plast 07-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
BL Kashyap 14-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.0.05 per share(5%)Dividend
Bliss GVS 05-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.0.4 per share(40%)Final Dividend
Bloom Industrie 14-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Blue Blends 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Blue Chip Tex 14-Aug-13 21-Aug-13 Rs.0.9 per share(9%)Final Dividend
BN Rathi Sec 05-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Bobshell Electr 26-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Bombay Burmah 27-Jul-13 07-Aug-13
Bombay Cycle 27-Jul-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Bombay Dyeing 30-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(50%)Dividend
Bombay Oxygen 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.5  per share(5%)Dividend
Borosil Glass 02-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.15  per share(150%)Dividend
BPCL 11-Sep-13 20-Sep-13 Rs.11  per share(110%)Dividend
Brigade Enterp 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Britannia 25-Jul-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.8.5 per share(425%)Dividend
BSL 13-Sep-13 19-Sep-13
Butterfly 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Cals Refineries 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Camlin Fine 05-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.0.6 per share(30%)Dividend
Can Fin Homes 24-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Caprihans 26-Aug-13 06-Sep-13
Carnation Ind 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Dividend
Ceat 14-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Centennial Sutu 25-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Centum Electron 03-Aug-13 07-Aug-13
Century Extr 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13
CESC 12-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.7  per share(70%)Dividend
CG-Vak Software 12-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Chambal Fert 20-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.1.9 per share(19%)Dividend
Chennai Petro 13-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Cheviot Company 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.15  per share(150%)Dividend
Choice Financia 12-Sep-13 16-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Choice Infra 11-Sep-13 14-Sep-13
Cholamandalam 26-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Cipla 08-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Dividend
Classic Elec 26-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
CMI FPE 27-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Coastal Roadway 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Colgate 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Comfort 27-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.0.02 per share(2%)Dividend
Competent Auto 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Compuage Info 05-Sep-13 07-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Control Print 03-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
Coromandel Engg 11-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Cosmo Films 19-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Cravatex 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(35%)Dividend
Crompton Greave 29-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.4 per share(20%)Final Dividend
Cummins 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.8  per share(4%)Final Dividend
Cyber Media 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
D & H India 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Dai-Ichi Karkar 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend & Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Special Dividend
Danlaw Tech 26-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Datamatics Glob 12-Sep-13 17-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(20%)Final Dividend
DB (Int) Stock 27-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.0.3 per share(15%)Dividend
DCM Shriram Con 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.0.8 per share(40%)Final Dividend
DCM Shriram Ind 24-Jul-13 12-Aug-13
Deccan Cements 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Deepak Fert 29-Jul-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.5.5 per share(55%)Dividend
Deepak Nitrite 25-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.8  per share(80%)Dividend
Devinsu Trad 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
DFM Foods 15-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Dhanuka Agritec 08-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.1.3 per share(65%)Final Dividend (BC dates Revised)
Dharamsi Morarj 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
Dhunseri Invest 01-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1.25 per share(12.5%)Dividend
Dhunseri Petro 19-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.4.5 per share(45%)Dividend
Diamines and Ch 12-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Digital Electro 24-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Digjam 14-Aug-13 23-Aug-13
Dinesh Allorga 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Dish TV India 19-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Dishman Pharma 20-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1.2 per share(60%)Final Dividend
Divis Labs 29-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.15  per share(750%)Dividend
DLF 01-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Dividend
Dolat Investmen 12-Sep-13 18-Sep-13
Dolphin Offshor 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Dr Agarwals Eye 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Final Dividend
Dynamic Ind 13-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
eClerx Services 16-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.25  per share(250%)Final Dividend
Edelweiss Fin 16-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
EID Parry 16-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
EIH 25-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.9 per share(45%)Dividend
EIH Assoc Hotel 25-Jul-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Eimco Elecon 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Elcid Investmen 26-Jul-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.10  per share(1%)Dividend
Elecon Eng 13-Aug-13 16-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(50%)Dividend
Electrosteel 16-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Divide
Elegant Marble 03-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
ELF Trading And 24-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend (Revised)
Elgi Equipments 20-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(1%)Dividend
EMA India 19-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Emami 03-Aug-13 07-Aug-13
Emami Paper 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Emkay Global 24-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Emmessar Biotec 17-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Empire Ind 13-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.24  per share(240%)Dividend
Ent Network Ind 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Enterprise Inte 21-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Envair Electro 19-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 Rs.0.7 per share(7%)Dividend
EPC Irrigation 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Eros Intern 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Eskay Knit 08-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Euro Leder 07-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Eveready Ind 16-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Everest Ind 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.7.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Everlon Synth 16-Aug-13 24-Aug-13
Excel 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Excel Crop Care 20-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.3  per share(60%)Dividend
Excel Infoways 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Extol Comm 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Facor Alloys 09-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Fairfield Atlas 19-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Farmax India 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
FDC 22-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.2.25 per share(225%)Final Dividend
Fenoplast 05-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Ferro Alloys 10-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
First Custodian 29-Jul-13 03-Aug-13
Flag Finin 09-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Flora Textiles 10-Aug-13 16-Aug-13
Forbes Gokak 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Fresenius Kabi 29-Jul-13 08-Aug-13
Gabriel India 05-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.0.45 per share(45%)Final Dividend
Gandhi Spl Tube 24-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Ganesh Housing 17-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.1.4 per share(14%)Dividend
Gangotri Textil 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 AGM date has been revised
Garden Silk Mil 10-Sep-13 18-Sep-13
GE Shipping 30-Jul-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.4.5 per share(45%)Final Dividend
Genesys Int 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13 Rs.0.25 per share(5%)Dividend
GG Dandekar 27-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
GI Engineering 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
GIC Housing Fin 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Gini Silk Mills 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Givo 09-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
GKB Ophthalmics 23-Aug-13 31-Aug-13
Glenmark 22-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(2%)Dividend
Global Offshore 28-Aug-13 02-Sep-13 Rs.0.8 per share(8%)Final Dividend
GNFC 24-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Godawari Power 20-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Godrej Ind 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.1.75 per share(175%)Final Dividend
GOL Offshore 02-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Golden Goenka 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Golden Tobacco 24-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Gomti Finlease 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
GPT Infra 31-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Granules India 13-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
Graphite India 22-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(175%)Dividend
Grauer and Weil 23-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.0.12 per share(12%)Dividend
Gravita India 24-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Greaves Cotton 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(25%)Final Dividend
Greenply Ind 06-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(60%)Dividend
GSL Securities 18-Sep-13 19-Sep-13
GTN Industries 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
GTN Textiles 20-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Guj Amb Exports 01-Sep-13 14-Sep-13
Guj Auto Gears 26-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Guj Borosil 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 (Revised)
Guj Craft Ind 07-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Guj Gas 16-Aug-13 22-Aug-13
Guj Hotels 30-Jul-13 13-Aug-13
Guj NRE Coke 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Guj Sidhee Cem 19-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
GVK Power 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Harmony Capital 29-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Haryana Leather 29-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Final Dividend
Hawkins Cooker 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.50  per share(5%)Dividend
Hb Stockhol 16-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
HEG 11-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.8  per share(80%)Dividend
Hem Holdings & 26-Jul-13 03-Aug-13
Hercules Hoists 03-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.1.75 per share(175%)Dividend
Hester Bio 10-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Hexa Tradex 25-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
High Energy Bat 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
HIL 24-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.12.5 per share(125%)Final Dividend
Himatsingka Sei 30-Jul-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(20%)Dividend
Hind Appliances 26-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Hind Rectifiers 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Hindalco 03-Sep-13 10-Sep-13 Rs.1.4 per share(140%)Dividend
Hindoostan Mill 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.7.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Hinduja Foundri 19-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Hinduja Global 07-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.20  per share(2%)Dividend
Hinduja Venture 07-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.15  per share(150%)Final Dividend
Hindustan Media 13-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Hindustan Udyog 22-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Hira Ferro 20-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Dividend
Hitachi Home 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Honda Siel 27-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Hotel Leela 16-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
HRB Floricultur 29-Aug-13 29-Aug-13
HSIL 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.3  per share(150%)Dividend
HT Media 22-Aug-13 27-Aug-13 Rs.0.4 per share(20%)Dividend
HUL 12-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
ICRA 30-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.22  per share(220%)Dividend
IDFC 20-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.2.6 per share(26%)Dividend
IFB Industries 24-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
IFGL Refractory 20-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
IG Petro 23-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
IKF Tech 24-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
ILandFS Trans 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Incon Engineers 16-Aug-13 19-Aug-13
Ind and Prud In 02-Sep-13 11-Sep-13 Rs.55  per share(550%)Dividend
Ind Cap 07-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Ind Motor Parts 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Final Dividend
India Cements 07-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
India Gelatine 15-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
India Nippon 23-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
India Steel 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Indian Hotels 19-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.0.8 per share(80%)Dividend
Indian Hume Pip 12-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.2.2 per share(110%)Dividend
Indian Metals & 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Indo Amines 05-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Indoco Remedies 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1.1 per share(55%)Final Dividend
Infomedia Press 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
INOX Leisure 16-Aug-13 23-Aug-13
Insilco 08-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Int Combustion 23-Aug-13 04-Sep-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Integra Switchg 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Interfit Techno 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Invest and Prec 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
IP Rings 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Ipca Labs 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Final Dividend
IVP 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Iykot Hitech 15-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
J Kumar Infra 13-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
J. K. Cement 17-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.6.5 per share(65%)Dividend
Jai Corp 11-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Dividend
Jai Mata Glass 26-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Jaiprakash Asso 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Jasch Industrie 16-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Jay BharatMarut 06-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(30%)Dividend
Jayabharat Cred 11-Sep-13 17-Sep-13
Jayavant Produc 27-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Jaybharat Texti 14-Aug-13 17-Aug-13
Jaykay Enter 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Jaypee Infra 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Jayshree Chem 16-Aug-13 20-Aug-13
Jayshree Tea 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.4  per share(80%)Dividend
JB Chemicals 03-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(150%)Dividend
Jenburkt Pharma 20-Sep-13 24-Sep-13 Rs.4.2 per share(42%)Dividend
Jet Airways 30-Jul-13 08-Aug-13
Jhaveri Credits 02-Aug-13 09-Aug-13
Jindal Online 03-Aug-13 05-Aug-13
Jindal Saw 25-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(50%)Dividend
JJ Exporters 07-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
JK LakshmiCemen 29-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(50%)Dividend
JK Tyre & Ind 05-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(35%)Dividend
JM Financial 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Final Dividend
JMC Projects 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Joonktollee Tea 23-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Joy Reality 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
JSW Energy 16-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Jubilant Food 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Jyothy Labs 27-Jul-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(250%)Dividend
Kakatiya Tex 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Kalpataru Power 22-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Kalptaru Papers 20-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Kamron Labs 07-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Kanco Tea 24-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Kandagiri Spin 06-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Kanoria Chem 30-Jul-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(30%)Dividend
Kapil Cotex Ltd 27-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Karma Energy 25-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Katare Spinning 23-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Kay Power 20-Aug-13 27-Aug-13
KCP 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Final Dividend
KCP Sugar 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(1%)Dividend
KDDL 02-Sep-13 09-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Kesoram 23-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
KEW Industries 02-Aug-13 03-Aug-13
Kewal Kiran 15-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Key Corporation 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Khaitan Chem 01-Aug-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.05 per share(5%)Dividend
Khaitan Electri 01-Sep-13 16-Sep-13
Khandel Ext 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Kilburn Chemica 13-Aug-13 19-Aug-13
Kilpest (I) 21-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Kirloskar Broth 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Kirloskar Ferro 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.1.25 per share(25%)Final Dividend
Kirloskar Ind 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Kirloskar Oil 18-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.5  per share(250%)Final Dividend
KJMC Corporate 19-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
KJMC Fin Ser 19-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
KLRF 07-Sep-13 16-Sep-13
Krishna Ferro 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Krishna Life 08-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
KSE 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.10  per share(1%)Dividend
KSL & Ind 08-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Kulkarni Power 25-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(20%)Dividend
Kumaka Industri 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
L&T Finance 30-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(7.5%)Dividend
La Opala RG 03-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(35%)Dividend
Lahoti Over 23-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.0.4 per share(20%)Dividend
Lakshmi Elec 01-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Lakshmi Loom 10-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Lakshmi Machine 01-Aug-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.20  per share(2%)Dividend
Lakshmi Vilas 31-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Lanco Industrie 20-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Larsen 16-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.12.33 per share(616.5%)Dividend
LCC Infotech 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Leena Cons 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.0.3 per share(3%)Dividend
LG Balakrishnan 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
LIC Housing Fin 11-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.3.8 per share(190%)Dividend
Lincoln Pharma 21-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Dividend
Longview Tea 05-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Lovable Lingeri 25-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Lumax Auto Tech 17-Aug-13 23-Aug-13 Rs.6  per share(60%)Dividend
Lupin 31-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(2%)Dividend
M and B Switch 23-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Final Dividend
M&M Financial 06-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Madhav Marbles 12-Aug-13 17-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Madhusudan Ind 14-Sep-13 21-Sep-13
Mafatlal Ind 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend & Rs.2  per share(20%)Special Dividend
Magna Colors 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Magna Electro 17-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 Rs.1.8 per share(18%)Dividend
Magnum Ventures 09-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Maha ShreeUmaid 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Mahesh Agr 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Mahindra Holida 13-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Mahindra Satyam 29-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.0.60 per share(30%)Dividend
Mahindra Ugine 16-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Maithan Alloys 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Makers Labs 25-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Malwa Cotton 29-Aug-13 31-Aug-13
Man Infra 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.2.25 per share(22.5%)Final Dividend
Manappuram Fin 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Mangalam Cement 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.6  per share(60%)Dividend
Mangalya Soft 25-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Manjushree Tech 02-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Manugraph Ind 20-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Marathwada Refr 08-Aug-13 22-Aug-13
Marico 08-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Maruti Sec 14-Sep-13 23-Sep-13
Maruti Suzuki 16-Aug-13 27-Aug-13 Rs.8  per share(160%)Dividend
Mathew Easow 23-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Mayur Floorings 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Mazda Propertie

28-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Mcleod 18-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.7  per share(140%)Dividend
Meghmani Organi 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Dividend
Microsec Fin 06-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Mirc Electronic 22-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
MM Forgings 27-Aug-13 29-Aug-13
Modella Woollen 18-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Moongipa Capita 18-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Morarka Finance 12-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Motherson Sumi 23-Aug-13 27-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(2%)Dividend
Motilal Oswal F 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(1%)Final Dividend
MPS 25-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Mukand 03-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Mukund Engg 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Multibase India 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Munjal Auto Ind 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Dividend
Muthoot Cap 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Mysore Petro 19-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Naraingarh Suga 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Narendra Prop 16-Aug-13 22-Aug-13
Narmada Gelatin 02-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Natural Capsule 23-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Nava Bharat Ven 08-Aug-13 16-Aug-13
NCC 16-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 Rs.0.3 per share(15%)Dividend
NDTV 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13
Neptune Exports 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
NESCO 30-Jul-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(35%)Dividend
Network 18 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Neuland Lab 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Next Mediaworks 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
NGL Fine Chem 01-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 AGM date has been revised
Nicco Corp 14-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Nicco Parks 26-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.15 per share(15%)Dividend
Nile 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
Nitin Alloys 13-Sep-13 19-Sep-13
Nivi Trading Lt 01-Aug-13 09-Aug-13
NOCIL 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Dividend
Norben Tea 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Northern Projec 22-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Novartis India 18-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.10  per share(2%)Dividend
NR Agarwal 21-Aug-13 27-Aug-13
OCL India 06-Sep-13 14-Sep-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Final Dividend
Odyssey Tech 10-Sep-13 12-Sep-13
Olympic Cards 18-Sep-13 24-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(6%)Final Dividend
Omax Autos 03-Sep-13 07-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Omkar Special 06-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
OnMobile Global 19-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
OracleFinancial 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Organic Coating 16-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Oricon Enterpr 05-Sep-13 14-Sep-13 Rs.0.44 per share(22%)Dividend
Orient Green 08-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Orient Paper 05-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Dividend
Orient Press 19-Aug-13 24-Aug-13
Oriental Carbon 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Oriental Hotels 30-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.55 per share(55%)Dividend
Oseaspre Con 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Padam Cotton 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
PAE 22-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Page Industries 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.14  per share(140%)Final Dividend
Paintex Chem 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
PanasonicCarbon 19-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Panchmahal Stee 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.1.25 per share(12.5%)Dividend
Pankaj Piyush T 10-Aug-13 17-Aug-13
Pankaj Polymers 24-Aug-13 28-Aug-13
Panoramic Uni 24-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(10%)Dividend
Parle Software 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Parsharti Ind 30-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Patels Airtemp 20-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Patspin India 20-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Paushak Ltd 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
PBM Polytex 20-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Peninsula Land 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Pentamedia 15-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Pentokey Organy 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Persistent 26-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Final Dividend
Petron Eng Cons 22-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Pharmaids Pharm 05-Aug-13 09-Aug-13
Phil Corporatio 13-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Phillips Carbon 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Pioneer 06-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Pioneer Agro Ex 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Pioneer Invest 07-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Piramal Enter 17-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.17.5 per share(875%)Dividend
Piramal Life 23-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Poddar Develope 18-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Polylink Polyme 01-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Pooja Entertain 24-Aug-13 31-Aug-13
Popular Estate 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Pradeep Metals 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Pratibha Ind 16-Sep-13 23-Sep-13 Rs.0.6 per share(30%)Final Dividend
Precision Pipes 06-Aug-13 09-Aug-13
Precision Wires 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Final Dividend
Premier Synth 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Prime Property 25-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(20%)Dividend
Prime Urban Dev 25-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Principal Pharm 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Prism Finance 07-Sep-13 19-Sep-13
Pritish Nandy 18-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Promact Plastic 07-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
PTC India 12-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.1.6 per share(16%)Dividend
PTC India Fin 12-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.0.4 per share(4%)Dividend
PTL Enterprises 22-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(50%)Dividend
Pudumjee Ind 20-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Pudumjee Pulp 13-Aug-13 24-Aug-13 Rs.0.3 per share(15%)Dividend
Punctual Tradin 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Puneet Resins 03-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Punit Commercia 29-Jul-13 03-Aug-13
Punj Lloyd 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Purity Flex Pac 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Pushpsons Indus 30-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
PVR 23-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Quantum Digital 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Rainbow Papers 10-Sep-13 16-Sep-13 Rs.0.4 per share(20%)Dividend
Rajapalayam 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Rajkumar Forge 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Rajratan Global 01-Aug-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Rajshree Sugars 05-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Rama Phosphates 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.0.8 per share(8%)Dividend
Ramcoind 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.2 per share(20%)Final Dividend
Rane Holdings 03-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.4.5 per share(45%)Final Dividend
Rap Media 18-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Rasi Electrodes 18-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Ratnamani Metal 03-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Ravinay Trading 06-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
RDB Rasayans 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Final Dividend
RDB Realty 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Redington 26-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.0.4 per share(20%)Dividend
Repro India 03-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.10  per share(1%)Dividend
Responsive Ind 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Restile Ceramic 06-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Rishiroop Rubbe 17-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Rodium Realty 07-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Rohit Pulp 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Rose Investment 24-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Roselabs 22-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Royal Cushion 20-Aug-13 22-Aug-13
RPP Infra Proj 08-Aug-13 16-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
RR Securities 26-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Ruby Mills 14-Sep-13 23-Sep-13 Rs.2  per share(40%)Dividend
Ruchinfra 27-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.0.06 per share(6%)Dividend
Ruchira Papers 05-Sep-13 11-Sep-13
Runeecha Text 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
S.V. Trading & 06-Sep-13 14-Sep-13
Saboo Brothers 29-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Sacheta Met 26-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.0.25 per share(2.5%)Dividend
Safari Ind 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Sagar Soya 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
SAIL 06-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Saksoft 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
Sakthi Finance 19-Sep-13 26-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
SAL Steel 17-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Salona Cotspin 10-Sep-13 16-Sep-13
Sambandam Spin 06-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Samrat Pharma 14-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Sanco Trans 06-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.2.7 per share(27%)Dividend
Sandesh 31-Aug-13 05-Sep-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Final Dividend
Sandur Manganes 24-Aug-13 31-Aug-13
Saregama India 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Sarvamangal Mer 06-Sep-13 14-Sep-13
Saurastra Cemen 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Savant Infocomm 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Schneider Elect 22-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Seamec 01-Aug-13 06-Aug-13
Seshasayee Pape 19-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Shah Alloys 17-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Shaily Engg 06-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Shalimar Paints 01-Aug-13 06-Aug-13
Sharyans Res 22-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Shasun Pharma 25-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Shelter Infra 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Shikhar Leasing 26-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Shilchar Techno 07-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Shilp Gravures 07-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Shree Ajit Pulp 22-Jul-13 05-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Shree Benzophen 27-Aug-13 31-Aug-13
Shree Ganesh 31-Aug-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Shree Rajesh Pa 07-Sep-13 21-Sep-13
Shree Renuka 21-Aug-13 28-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(50%)Dividend
Shree Surgovind 02-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Shrenuj and Co 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.6 per share(30%)Final Dividend
Shreyans Ind 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Shri Kalyan Hol 27-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Shriram Asset 23-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Shriram City 19-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.6  per share(60%)Final Dividend
Shriram Needle 22-Jul-13 06-Aug-13
Shyama Infosys 17-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Sicagen India 23-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Silver Oak Com 24-Sep-13 29-Sep-13
Simbhaoli Sugar 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
Simplex Realty 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Sita Enterprise 27-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Siti Cable 26-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Siyaram Silk 30-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
SJ Corporation 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.0.1 per share(10%)Dividend
SKP Securities 27-Jul-13 03-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Skyline Millars 16-Sep-13 27-Sep-13 Rs.0.2 per share(20%)Final Dividend
Smruthi Organic 19-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
SNS Textiles 07-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Sobhagya Mercan 18-Sep-13 19-Sep-13
Solar Ind 03-Sep-13 13-Sep-13 Rs.6  per share(60%)Final Dividend
Soma Textile 02-Sep-13 09-Sep-13
Somany Ceramics 17-Aug-13 02-Sep-13 Rs.1.2 per share(60%)Dividend
Sona Koyo Stee 01-Aug-13 10-Aug-13 Rs.0.65 per share(65%)Dividend
South Asian Ent 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Sovereign Diam 19-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Span Diagnostic 18-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Speciality Rest 02-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Speedage Commer 13-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
SPEL Semiconduc 19-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Spice Island 19-Aug-13 02-Sep-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
SREI Infra 02-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
SRF 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
SRG Housing Fin 09-Aug-13 12-Aug-13
Sri Lakshmi Tex 04-Sep-13 11-Sep-13
SRS 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Standard Batter 11-Sep-13 20-Sep-13
Standard Ind 31-Jul-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(15%)Dividend
Steelco Gujarat 12-Aug-13 17-Aug-13 BC dates has been revised
Sterling Guar 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Sterlite Techno 31-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.0.3 per share(15%)Final Dividend
Stewarts and Ll 15-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Suashish Diamon 21-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Subex 07-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Subros 20-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.0.7 per share(35%)Dividend
Sudal Industrie 17-Sep-13 28-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
Sudarshan Chem 10-Sep-13 20-Sep-13 Rs.12.5 per share(125%)Dividend
Sugal & Damani 17-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.0.2 per share(2%)Dividend
Sukhjit Starch 29-Jul-13 06-Aug-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Sumeru Ind 20-Sep-13 23-Sep-13
Sun Pharma Adv 26-Jul-13 30-Jul-13
Sundaram Brake 27-Jul-13 01-Aug-13
Sundaram-Clayto 23-Aug-13 27-Aug-13
Sunil Industrie 23-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Sunlake Resorts 24-Sep-13 29-Sep-13
Sunraj Diamond 24-Sep-13 30-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Sunrise Invest 24-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Super Bakers 07-Sep-13 23-Sep-13
Super Sales 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Super Spinning 31-Aug-13 06-Sep-13
Suprajit Eng 25-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.0.4 per share(40%)Final Dividend
Supreme Petro 16-Oct-13 18-Oct-13 Rs.2.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Surya Roshni 03-Sep-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Suryalata Spg 05-Aug-13 10-Aug-13
Suven Life Scie 05-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.0.3 per share(30%)Dividend
Swasti Vinayaka 20-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.0.2 per share(20%)Dividend
Tai Industries 26-Aug-13 02-Sep-13
Taj GVK Hotels 25-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(25%)Dividend
Take Solutions 31-Aug-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.0.4 per share(40%)Final Dividend
Talbros Auto 09-Sep-13 16-Sep-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Talwalkars Fitn 03-Aug-13 08-Aug-13 Rs.1.5 per share(15%)Dividend
Tamboli Capital 05-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.0.55 per share(5.5%)Dividend
Tamil SteelTube 18-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Tamilnadu Petro 22-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
Tata Comm 19-Jul-13 26-Jul-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Tata Inv Corp 17-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.16  per share(160%)Dividend
Tata Motors 01-Aug-13 21-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(1%)Dividend
TCFC Finance 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
TCI Developers 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.0.5 per share(5%)Dividend
Tea Time Ltd 22-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
Tech Mahindra 01-Aug-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend (Cancelled)
Techno Forge 22-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Technojet Consu 29-Jul-13 05-Aug-13
TechNVision 20-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Thacker 20-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Themis Medicare 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13
Thinksoft 15-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Final Dividend
Tide Water Oil 13-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.150  per share(15%)Final Dividend (BC dates Revised)
TIL 23-Jul-13 31-Jul-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Tilaknagar Ind 05-Sep-13 11-Sep-13 Rs.0.8 per share(8%)Final Dividend
Timken 25-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Dividend
Titan Ind 18-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.2.1 per share(210%)Dividend
Transcorp Int 27-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Transpek 02-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.3  per share(30%)Dividend
Transport Corp 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.0.6 per share(30%)Final Dividend
Trilogic Digi 25-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Trio Mercantile 25-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Triochem Prods 07-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Triveni Turbine 26-Jul-13 01-Aug-13 Rs.0.55 per share(55%)Final Dividend
TTK Healthcare 18-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.4  per share(40%)Dividend
Tube Investment 19-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
TV TodayNetwork 08-Aug-13 22-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(15%)Dividend
TV18 Broadcast 22-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
TVS Srichakra 20-Sep-13 25-Sep-13 Rs.7.5 per share(75%)Dividend
Uflex 02-Sep-13 07-Sep-13 Rs.2.4 per share(24%)Dividend
UltraTechCement 19-Jul-13 29-Jul-13 Rs.9  per share(90%)Dividend
Umang Dairies 25-Jul-13 03-Aug-13 Rs.0.75 per share(15%)Dividend
Uni Abex 29-Jul-13 07-Aug-13 Rs.3.5 per share(35%)Dividend
Unique Organics 12-Jul-13 27-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Dividend
United Credit 16-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Uni-Tubes 23-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Unity Infraproj 30-Aug-13 06-Sep-13 Rs.0.2 per share(10%)Dividend
Unjha Formula 17-Aug-13 24-Aug-13
Upasana Finance 02-Sep-13 12-Sep-13
Upper Ganges Su 01-Aug-13 08-Aug-13
Usha Martin 22-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.0.15 per share(15%)Dividend
Ushdev Int 24-Aug-13 31-Aug-13 Rs.2.1 per share(21%)Dividend
Va Tech Wabag 13-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.7  per share(350%)Dividend
Vaibhav Global 08-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Vakrangee 04-Sep-13 10-Sep-13 Rs.0.2 per share(20%)Final Dividend
Valiant Comm 15-Sep-13 24-Sep-13
Valson Ind 07-Aug-13 13-Aug-13
Vapi Paper 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Varun Industrie 23-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
Vaswani Ind 19-Aug-13 26-Aug-13
Vatsa Music 24-Jul-13 31-Jul-13
VCCL 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
VCK Capital 01-Aug-13 06-Aug-13
Vegepro Foods 17-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Venkys 05-Aug-13 09-Aug-13 Rs.5  per share(50%)Dividend
Venlon Polyeste 20-Sep-13 30-Sep-13
Ventura Guarant 20-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Vinati Organics 25-Jul-13 03-Aug-13 Rs.2.5 per share(125%)Dividend
Vintage Sec 23-Aug-13 29-Aug-13
Vishnu Chemical 26-Jul-13 27-Jul-13
Vishvjyoti Trad 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
VLS Finance 18-Sep-13 25-Sep-13
Voltamp Trans 01-Aug-13 12-Aug-13 Rs.10  per share(1%)Dividend & Rs.5  per share(50%)Special Dividend
Voltas 06-Aug-13 19-Aug-13 Rs.1.6 per share(160%)Dividend
VST Tillers 10-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.9  per share(90%)Dividend
Wadala 21-Sep-13 27-Sep-13
Walchand People 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1  per share(10%)Final Dividend
Waterbase 23-Jul-13 29-Jul-13
Wellness Noni 03-Sep-13 05-Sep-13
Wendt 20-Jul-13 25-Jul-13 Rs.15  per share(150%)Dividend
Wheels 01-Aug-13 13-Aug-13 Rs.8.1 per share(81%)Dividend
Whirlpool 07-Aug-13 14-Aug-13
Williamson Fin 16-Sep-13 23-Sep-13
Williamson Mago 25-Jul-13 02-Aug-13
Wim Plast 22-Jul-13 02-Aug-13 Rs.8  per share(80%)Final Dividend
Wintac 14-Aug-13 21-Aug-13
Wires and Fabri 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.1.8 per share(18%)Dividend
Woodsvilla 20-Sep-13 26-Sep-13
WPIL 15-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
Yash Papers 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Yuvraj Intl 21-Sep-13 28-Sep-13
Zee News 20-Jul-13 26-Jul-13
ZF Steering Gea 23-Jul-13 30-Jul-13 Rs.8  per share(80%)Dividend
Zicom Security 23-Aug-13 30-Aug-13 Rs.1.2 per share(12%)Dividend
Zodiac Clothing 05-Aug-13 14-Aug-13 Rs.2  per share(20%)Final Dividend
Deemed Conveyance & Redevelopment of Old Buildings and Slums

PHYSICAL SHARES, DELISTED SHARES, Untraded, Unlisted, Non-Traded, Unquoted, Suspended, Illiquid, Junk Stocks, Shares - This blog provideds you a plotform to BUY/SELL such Shares.


PHYSICAL SHARES, DELISTED SHARES, Untraded, Unlisted, Non-Traded, Unquoted, Suspended, Illiquid, Junk Stocks, Shares - This blog provideds you a plotform to BUY/SELL such Shares.

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