Liquidated companies in Jaipur Region 34 Nos

34 Companies Liquidated in Jaipur Region

The below list of companies which are under liquidation is an extract of only Public Limited companies in Jaipur Region, a more exhaustive list containing the list of companies outside Jaipur Region also including Private Limited companies is available on the website of  The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, I have restricted the list as we deal only with the Public Limited companies on this Website.

It is pertinent to note that the said list is updated only till 2008, apparently the Ministry is not in business thereafter. You will also notice that  considerable time has elapsed from the date of Liquidation of some of these companies but hardly any company has disbursed the Liquidation proceeds to the shareholders till date.

To counter this situation,  shareholders are requested to file application under RTI Act before the Ministry or the Official  liquidator and obtained a detailed account of the disbursement of the Liquidation proceeds. Any shareholder holding shares of any such Company/Companies can file an application under RTI asking for the  details of the liquidation proceeds of the company in which he is holding the shares. The procedure for filling an application under RTI Act is available on The Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

I would appreciate if all the investors will do the same and also share the outcome which can be published  on this Website.



Sl.No. Name of the company (In Liquidation) CompanyPetition No. Date of winding-up orders passed by the Hon’ble Court.. Present legal position/status of the case.
01. Pareek Commercial Bank Ltd. 1/1952 31.07.1952 The dividend to unsecured creditors was declared by advertisement only. No one came forward to claim the amount of dividend meanwhile notice from Income Tax Department was received. The steps to seek further directions from the court in this regard are being taken.
02. Maharaja Kishangarh Mills Limited 3/1956 11.04.1958  
03. Udaibhan Industries Limited 2/1957 08.05.1969  
04. Maha Laxmi Colour Mfg.Company limited 7/1953 07.03.1969  
05. Naidoli Agro Industries Ltd. 4/1978 29.02.1980  
06. Jaipur Spinning & Weaving Mills Limited 10/1980 02.12.1983  
07. Standard Woollens Limited 02/1984 28.10.1985  
08. Rajasthan wooltex Limited 13/1986 18.09.1987  
09. India Electronics Limited 01/1985 25.08.1989  
10 Aravali Ispat Limited 09/1988 22.12.1989  
11 Bhilwara Wooltex Limited 12/1988 10.08.1990  
12 Asup Synthetics & Chemicals Limited 20/1987 01.02.1991  
13 Satsuvan Paper Mills Limited 18/1991 21.02.1992  
14 Spintex Tubes & Cones Ltd. 03/1992 27.03.1992  
15 Universal Computers Limited 02/1990 01.05.1992  
16 Machhar Textiles Mills Limited 10/1991 17.08.1993  
17 Rajasthan Jeevan Nidhi Sanchay Prabandh 01/1994 08.07.1994  
18 Shree Shiva Spinners Limited 48/1999 29.01.1979 The possession of the factory and records lying at Abu Road have been taken.Inventory has been prepared. The Hon’ble Court has directed the Official Liquidator to handover the possession to RIICO which has been given. Case U/S. 542/543 filed on 22.02.2006 which is pending.
19 XLO United Clutch Products Limited 11/1995 02.12.1983 The winding-up order has been  set aside by the court vide order dated 19.12.2005. The possession still to be given.
20 Lok Vikas Finance Corporation Limited 31/2000 13.01.1984 The possession of registered office and some branch offices have been taken.The Registrar of the Societies has also appointed administrator before winding-up orders and the matter is pending before the Hon’ble Court. Misfeasance U/S. 542/543 & 454 filed  and pending.
21 Parakaram Technofab Limited 38/1999 23.08.1985 The possession of factory and records lying at Neemrana (Shajahanpur) Alwar have been taken.The assets has been sold. The claims have been invited and paid to secured creditors and workman. The case U/S. 454 & 542/543 filed and pending.
22 Mansinghka Oil Products Limited 03/2001 28.10.1985 Possession of assets have been taken. Assets have been sold. Claims have been invited.The claims filed  are under examination. The case u/s. 454 & 542/543 filed and pending.
23 Unikol Bottlers  Limited 15/1993 21.04.1986 Nothing has come in the hands of the Official Liquidator. The court receiver was appointed by the Hon’ble High Court of Mumbai before the date of passing winding-up order. The record has been taken over recently. Case u/s. 454 & 542/543 filed which are pending.
24 Rathi Alloys & Stteels Limited 36/2000 22.07.1988 Possession of assets have been taken. Soled the assets. 25% sale proceeds deposited  rest amount shall be deposited within two months sale confirmed by the Hon’ble Court on 27.11.2007. Case u/s. 542 filed which is pending
25 Basera Cement Limited 38/2000 29.07.1988 Possession have been taken. The case u/s. 454 filed which is pending The plant & machinery have been sold and possession of plant & machinery have been given to purchaser.
26 Swastik House Leasing Limited 15/1999 05.05.1989 Only records have been received and there are no assets. Case U/S. 542/543 filed which is pending.
27 R.B.B.L. Industries Limited 30/1999 12.05.1989 The possession of the Assets have been taken. The application for sale moved the same has been  allowed.  The date for providing inspection of assets fixed on 11 & 12.09.2006 and tender has been invited but no tender etc. has been received.
28 C.V. Steels Limited 34/1998 25.08.1989 The assets of the company are under the  possession of RIICO. The case u/s. 454 filed against the exmanagement for non filing the statement of affairs which is still pending in the court. The application for valuation moved and has been allowed by the Hon’ble Court. Now the date of valuation fixed for 24.12.2007.
29 Kishangarh Fabrics Limited 03/2002 03.11.1989 The possession of land & building has been taken . Plant & Machinery were sold by the exmanagement.
30 Pittie Cement & Industries Limited 06/99 22.12.1989 Possession is under DRT. The prosecution u/s. 454 has been launched against the ex-directors which is pending in the court. The possession is with DRT, Jaipur.
31 Pooja Granites & Marbles Limited. 11/1998 10.08.1990 The possession taken by High Court order 20.04.2006.
32 Triveni Greenery & Finlease India Limited 31/1998 17.08.1993 The possession could not be taken as  nothing is found at the place. For whereabouts of ex-directors police authority has been asked by this office. But reply is still awaited.
33 Kesari Vanaspati Products Limited 28/20003 08.07.1994 The assets of the company under possession of Official Liquidator. The DRT has placed for auction of assets. The stay application filed by Official Liquidator  is granted. The sale application filed by Official Liquidator  is  pending.
34 Aapka Bazar Jaipur Limited 26/2003 12.08.1994 The possession could not be taken due to non availability of office at given address. The  notices issued to exdirectors received undelivered. Letters were also issued to the petitioners which have also returned back undelivered. For present whereabouts the police authority Jaipur/Delhi have also been requested. But no suitable reply received. It is known from the News Papers that the ex-directors are absconding.
Deemed Conveyance & Redevelopment of Old Buildings and Slums

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PHYSICAL SHARES, DELISTED SHARES, Untraded, Unlisted, Non-Traded, Unquoted, Suspended, Illiquid, Junk Stocks, Shares - This blog provideds you a plotform to BUY/SELL such Shares.

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