Turn Around Companies

In this Section We bring to you Some of the recent turn-around Success stories of Corporate India, Which are posied as multi-baggers.

Posted on 12 Oct 2014

Dunlop India.

Pawankumar Ruia

Pawankumar Ruia

Buy CMP 27.35

Current Scenario:

Dunlop India has reopened the plant a Sahagunj Kolkata on 25th Sep 2014.

Pawan Ruia is no more the Promoter of dunlop.

Dunlop India shares has been hitting the upper circuit of 5% on and from 5th Sep 2014 and the same continues even today. Is this because of the reopening of Shagunj plant or is it because the Ruia’s are trying to regain their promotership through open purchase of shares in the market.the share quoted at Rs 10.10 on 10th Sep 2014 and since then there has been no looking back for Dunlop India and daily appreciating by 5% of the previous day close even in this down trend an order of over 3 lakh shares expires daily  as there are no sellers at these prices.

This share is already a multi-bagger with in a months time and is expected to  continue its spree for  some more days. If the same phenomenon continues then by October Dunlop India will be priced 56/- and by mid Nov 2014 will cross Rs 100/-.

Dunlop India’s  all time high is Rs 138.90 on 5th Feb 2010 in the recent times i.e year 2000 on-wards.

Will it break its all time high ?
With a Book Value of Rs Rs 87.40 and huge real estate worth over 3000 crores located at prime time Worli Mumbai and Ambattur Chennai apart from Sahagunj Kolkata, and with just 7% floating stock of its Capital of Rs 72 Crore, Yes its possible.
Before deciding to take a plunge in this share, also refer  www.dunlopindia.blogspot .in
Dunlop India Sahagunj Plant

Dunlop India Sahagunj Plant


Posted on 7th Nov 2013

First Source Solutions Ltd.

150 px

150 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BUY CMP  21.35

Current Scenario:  First Source Sol is in the Computers – Software Medium/Small sector. The current market capitalization stands at Rs 1,405.80 crore.It  has reported a consolidated sales of Rs 790.79 crore and a Net Profit of Rs 44.79 crore for the quarter ended Sep 2013.

Management:  Sanjiv Goenka – Chairman, Ananda Mukerji – Vice Chairman, Rajesh Subramaniam – Managing Director & CEO, Haigreve Khaitan – Director, Shashwat Goenka – Director, Jr Donald W Layden – Director, Pradip Roy – Director, Charles Miller Smith – Director, Y H Malegam – Director, Shailesh J Mehta – Director, Subrata Talukdar – Director, K P Balaraj – Director. 

English: Sanjiv Goenka in the Plenary Impatien...

English: Sanjiv Goenka in the Plenary Impatient India. Participants captured during the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit 2009 held in New Delhi, 8-10 November 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History: An ICICI Group promoted company in 2004 started of with ambitious plans and expensive overseas acquisitions went into severe trouble effecting its Top-line and bottom line. Later in  2013 beginning R P Geonka Group acquired a controlling stake   in  the company by making an open  Offer @Rs 12.20 and later Rakesh Junjunwala takes a position of 3.8% stake in the company @ Rs 10/- Per Share.

Current  Share holding pattern as of 30 Sep 2013

Rajesh Subramaniam - India Economic Summit 2010

Rajesh Subramaniam – India Economic Summit 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Promoters       56.81%
FII                        1.05%
DII                       5.01%
Metavante       6.89%
ICICI Bank       4.88%
Jhunjhunwala 3.8%
Public                21.56%
Total                   100 %
The floating stock as of 3oth Sep 2013 was only 21.56% and is expected to be lower by now and will gradually reduce over a period of time as FII and DII start taking major positions in this counter, as result of which the prices are expected to rise, the threat is of any major Off-loading from the above stake 
holders. However the same seems unlikely in the near future as This stock has been making newer 52 days high on a regular basis.Apart from drifting floating stock the performance of the company has been impressive in this financial year.This stock has already given its
investors over 100% return since June 2013 and is poised to be  a multi-bagger.

Watch CNBC Interview with Rajesh Subramanium

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PHYSICAL SHARES, DELISTED SHARES, Untraded, Unlisted, Non-Traded, Unquoted, Suspended, Illiquid, Junk Stocks, Shares - This blog provideds you a plotform to BUY/SELL such Shares.

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